February 15th, 2010: Dead Tree Run

This is a very neat tree. Besides the fact that it is very tall and apparently living, it resides directly above a slope of approximately 30 degrees that gets no sun due to its north-facing aspect and an abundance of closely (though not too closely) spaced trees. What does this all mean? Dead Tree Run has great skiable powder all the time.

Josh doubted me when I told him that there was still gourmet powder to be found. But that didn't stop him from following me to the top of Talking Mountain and strapping in for the ride down. He was pleasantly surprised.

This brings to a close another chapter of SnowyPhotos at Echo Lake. I probably won't return until the spring, but am happy to say Echo Lake Peakbagging has made me far more aware of where to go for my turns when I do make it back.


Catherine said...

It has been years since I've seen the back country around Echo Lake at any other time than summer, and I've never been to Yosemite in winter. What views I've missed! Beebs, your photos of the mountains in winter are awesome. Such grandeur, and yet so quiet.

Dad said...

Those white barked trees might be aspens, but could they be poplars? Poplars have smooth bark, but perhaps not as white as the aspens.

Bernard Rocca said...

You should both return to Echo for some winter fun. I'm sure you'll find it hasn't changed in those many years... I'm trying to determine difference between Poplars and Aspens (which seem to be in the Poplar family) but would love more insight.

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