February 16th, 2010: Why We Tour

Today was an "off" day, as I headed to Northstar-at-Tahoe Resort to crank out as many turns as possible and left the camera behind. The waiting in lines and riding lifts gave me ample time to think about why I so enjoy backcountry touring. I think SnowyPhotos pretty much sums it up better than I could with words alone.

Along the same lines, JonnyB recently put together a little video about why he tours and submitted it into a competition for a heli-assisted ski tour. Let's hope he wins:

"I do it for the crisp camaraderie of great friends who are there to save your life and vice versa. They're there to mock you when you bail, and tell you to "give 'er" when you are rocking. I go for the great food I pack, and the feeling that you can eat whatever you want (pb sandwiches with chocolate, crispy bacon, and cashews - don't knock it 'til you try it).

I do it for the feeling that these turns I enjoy were earned by me and me alone. No lifts or latte at the top. The self-sufficiency, the food, and the friends: that's why I do it."
- Keith Freeman, Letters to the Editor, Backcountry Magazine, January 2010

I'll be trying one of those sandwiches soon enough and I'm sure I'll love it. Especially if I'm on top of a peak with a few friends.

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Josh said...

I do it because there is no place, thing, thought, or emotion that can take away the feeling of being present when you're looking down from the top of a mountain on a beautiful day with good friends... and for the Simpler Times waiting at the bottom of course.
No resort pass for me next year

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