February 17th, 2010: Waterhouse Peak

The morning drive back down the west side of Lake Tahoe yielded a fine view or two along the way. A far cry from traveling southbound on the 101. Emerald Bay was still as can be, with a slight haze settling over the eastern shores of Lake Tahoe.

I met Lev, a former college classmate, in South Lake and headed for Waterhouse Peak. This is quite a popular backcountry destination with a highway to the top, but the view at the top provided a great new perspective on all of the peaks I skied over the weekend. We happily added to the abundance of tracks on the way down.

Avalanche News: A big avalanche occurred near the Bridger Bowl Ski Area in Montana. Luckily nobody was hurt, but very interesting reports. Thanks to the folks who emailed this to me and remember that following other people's tracks isn't a sure bet.

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