February 1st, 2010: Trans-Sierra Yosemite Begins

Kevin and I left the Bay Area around 6:30 AM, with the hopes of being on the trail by 2 PM. Along the way we stopped several times as we hunted down solid topography maps, fuel for our borrowed Jetboil stove (which is an incredible product), and a few other odds and ends. We didn't quite make it to the trailhead on schedule, in part due to multiple stops to document the beauty of the Eastern Sierras, as seen above. The mountains seem bigger, the air crisper, and the snow more plentiful. Who knows if any of that is actually true.

For anyone who hasn't gotten to experience Yosemite in the winter: it is incredible. With this in mind, and because Kevin and I got to visit many parts of the park that people rarely visit in the winter, I've decided to post a few more photos than normal....
We reached the trailhead, which is actually just a closed gate eight miles east of Tioga Pass on Highway 120, around 3 PM. It took us way too long to pack our gear, approximately an hour and a half, and we hit the trail at dusk. Maybe if we hadn't spent so much time packing, we wouldn't have packed so much stuff. Our packs were heavy and the progress slow. Four miles up 120, the skis were dropped and we setup camp for the night.

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