February 24th, 2010: Adios Park City

Andrew and I spent one last morning exploring backcountry around the Canyons, this time working our way south from the top of Ninety Nine 90. Christmas Tree Glen delivered the goods.

When snow doesn't blanket the mountains, Andrew and I often find ourselves working at Camp Echo in Fremont, Michigan. We got to talking about camp out on the slopes and decided to put together a little message for the other Camp Echo folks out and about in the wilderness.

The World Gets Bigger in the Backcountry from Bernard Rocca on Vimeo.


Graham said...


this video is totally rad. you've inspired me to send my most recent adventure into meredith for a future echo newsletter (kayaking in baja last month), but only after i see this one video in the newsletter. glad you and leary are having a fun time and remember theres not skiing like spring skiing in the north cascades, wink wink hint hint!

k2smith said...

the snow looks awesome. glad you're getting some good turns.

i think you gotta pull a les stroud/survivorman video at all your stops. you need the extra climbing to go back and get your camera anyway... you're looking out of shape.

Bernard Rocca said...

Graham, Can't wait to see the Baja footage! This video should be linked next week, so get your adventure together.

Kev, I like where your head is at. I'll see what I can do.

Anonymous said...

Saw this link in the echo bulletin...Love it. If you are into ski edits and such, I'm on the USC Ski and Snowboard Team and we're sponsored by Go Pro. Some of the guys on my team are absolutely incredible. Check out uscsnowsports.org. There are usually weekly ski edits, the most recent one is in 3D if you happen to have some 3D glasses near you, haha. I'm definitely jealous of where you are: Sound/looks AMAZING
Kat La Chapelle

Anonymous said...

Dang that looks awesome!!! seems like your having a great adventure riding around all over the west. i wish i was in your shoes, and not in the library writing about 18th century french labor guilds...Im actually going to park city in two weeks so hopefully me and andrew can meet up and ride the same stuff you guys did. And im totaly down to have an echo ski trip during the winter. That would be epic. Those photos your taking are really good as well, definitely some good composition. Well, i got to get back to studying, but have a great rest of your trip and i hope to see you this summer!
Frank Bowles

Bernard Rocca said...

Kat, Unfair advantage to the USC squad for mad ski skills and filming skills. You must be having an awesome time. I tossed a link to one of the videos in my blog cause it's great stuff.

Frank, 18th century French labor guilds had a very important role in the early development of ski towns in the French Alps. For this reason I believe that your writing would be much improved if it took place on a mountainside. Hopefully we'll get to ski together soon, though maybe on a different surface.

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