February 4th, 2010: Tuolumne Meadows to Snow Creek

Days 1-3 we were shaking out the sails. By Day 4 on the move we had our systems dialed in a bit better. If all went according to plan, we would be skiing approximately 15 miles. The first 13 miles would keep us on HW 120, but the last two miles would be on a smaller trail requiring some orienteering skills. We got our first early start and were out the door by 7 AM. By noon we had covered the nine miles to Tenaya Lake, which can be seen in the distance as Kevin motors up towards Olmsted Point, named for the landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr. Not a bad landscape with which to work.

Half Dome came into view from Olmsted Point and the skies beyond looked a bit ominous. Snow began to fall lightly, which further increased our desire to reach the Snow Creek Ski Cabin before dark. Kevin used all of his resources (GPS, topos, and his mighty brain) to get us off HW 120 at just the right spot to put us on the trail home. We had traveled on HW 120 for three days and just over 30 miles. I have never enjoyed highway travel more. The Snow Creek Cabin appeared before us just in time, as the sun was setting and I was losing strength.

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