February 5th, 2010: Completing the Trans-Sierra Yosemite

The Snow Creek Ski Cabin has more history than any other ski cabin, or hut, in the Sierras. It was built in the 1920s, prior to the invention of the "upski", to help facilitate backcountry skiing in Yosemite and was intended to be part of a system of huts. The rest were sadly never built. The cabin was abandoned for many years before being used again in the 60s and 70s and properly restored in 2006. Unlike other huts, which are cozy bunkrooms, the Snow Creek cabin is more of an actual home. For more historical perspective, read Mary Curry Tressider's article from the 1950s (link will open a pdf) and take note of the photo credits.

"We had ourselves been infected by the deadly ski virus" - Mary Curry Tressider

Kevin and I weren't going to cross the Sierras without getting any turns. Before heading to the valley, we skinned up Mt. Watkins and got two laps in 6" of fresh, though wet, powder. To say that we had earned these precious few turns would be an understatement.

The weather played games all day, at times snowing, raining, misting, and more. Our trail led us down to Yosemite Valley via 109 grueling switchbacks that were covered in varying quantities of snow. We were forced to remove our skis at the top, strap them to our packs and hike on down to the valley floor in our ski boots. This was not a fun endeavor. Keeping in pattern with days previous, we arrived at the end of our road, a valley shuttle stop, right as dusk settled upon us. Curry Village pizza and beer rejuvenated our spirits before we settled into our tent to rest for tomorrow's adventure to Ostrander.

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