February 7th, 2010: Fresh Tracks

This was a day for getting turns. The north-facing slopes around Ostrander were coated with a foot or more of fresh, dry powder and we were on a mission to get it. First thing in the morning, a small group set out across the lake to start the day off right. A snow pit proved that the snow was stable and ripe for the turning. The south face of Half Dome and the rest of central Yosemite were easily in view as we scouted our first lines.

The east end of Horse Ridge proved to have yet another bounty of fresh powder. We took that too, but there was not enough time in the day to take advantage of all this great snow. JonnyB, Kevin, and I laid out some smooth curves on the upper and lower portions of the bowl. Days such as this are what set the backcountry so far above and beyond resorts.

The stars were ablaze as Ostrander closed down after a long day.

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