February 8th, 2010: Until Next Time, Yosemite

It was another bluebird morning at Ostrander and I was determined to get as many laps as possible across the pond before we left. Cold overnight tempartures kept the powder light and we were able to squeeze in three laps before our tired legs gave out and our empty stomachs gravitated back to the hut for some steaming hot pancakes. Not a bad weekend's work.

Howard Weamer has been the hutmaster at Ostrander for over thirty years and knows Yosemite in the winter better than most people know their backyards. For Howard, Yosemite is his backyard. He has written books about it, taken great photos of it, spoken about it, and skied the hell out of it. Before we left, I had to ask him to draw out some of his favorite Trans-Sierra lines on my topo map. He shared a wealth of information in the few minutes we spent talking. Hopefully I'll return to ski some of those lines before too long.

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