February 9th, 2010: Back to the Eastern Sierras

Eight days later it was time to return to the Eastern Sierras to retrieve my car. Our Ostrander crew had generously driven an extra car to Yosemite and JonnyB let us borrow his wheels for the long drive back to Lee Vining. How about an eight hour drive to get to a point fifty miles from where you started? That's what you have to do when Tioga Pass, Ebbetts Pass, and Monitor Pass are all closed for the winter. Luckily the east side of the Sierras are beautiful and Lee Vining is just north of Mammoth Mountain. Kevin sped off back to The Bay Area and I skied a half day at Mammoth.

The highlight of my day was skiing with a pack of shorties on the Mammoth Ski Team that were all on telemark gear for the day. Their coach has them do it every Tuesday as cross training and they charge. One of the little racers asked if I decided to grow a beard instead of wearing a neck gator. Of course.

What is east of the Eastern Sierras? Telephone poles, low-lying brush, and empty highways. It's rather peaceful in a timeless way.

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