March 11th, 2010: The Potato Flatlands

Idaho is a land of mountains, rivers, and forests. So how do they grow all them potatos? There is also a large crescent-moon shaped plain that follows the Snake River from Rexburg to Weiser. This wide expanse of flat was created by the rise and fall of numerous volcanos, which left behind vast areas of volcanic rock. Craters of the Moon National Monument happens to be one such area.

I cruised yet another National Park groomed cross-country ski track until I found a reasonable slope to grip and rip. There was plenty of snow, but it was might windswept and crunchy. I managed a few turns, but would probably have been better off sticking to the groomed loop. Next year, I'm bringing cross-country skis.

There are a lot of farms in Idaho, and there are a lot of these. Let's call them "big rolling sprinklers" for lack of a technical term.

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