March 18th, 2010: Engadine Warm-Up

My night sky shot of Sent upon arrival gave me a good sense of the landscape, but I was still blown away by the grandeur of Sent by day. There's nothing quite like arriving by night and then awaking to discover your new surrounds all at once. The snow looked plentiful and the blue sky was promising, so we headed to the local resort, Motta Naluns located above Scuol, to get the legs warmed up for a few days of touring.

Ski resorts in Europe tend to have a noticable difference from those in North America - no trees. And despite what the billboards in Milano had to say about skiing off-piste, there did not seem to be a whole lot of interest amongst the Europeans in skiing off the piste/groomers. This was fine with me because areas that surely would have been riddled with moguls in North America still had fresh snow to be tracked.

In the morning we had taken a short bus from Sent to Scuol, which was free with a pair of skis. However, for our return we were able to keep our skis on and cruise to within thirty feet of Renzo and Alberta's apartment in Sent. Along the way I found a small herd of mountain goats that appeared to be quite fond of mountain sports.

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