March 3rd, 2010: Imitation Sand Dunes

As I looked more closely at the previously mentioned corduroy, I couldn't help but notice the similarities to the windswept surface ripples that form at Great Sand Dunes. Yet another case of man imitating nature, or biomimcry if you want to get fancy.

Obviously I was hoping to get some fresh snow in Colorado, but the storm everyone said would come never did. Then again, when it comes to snow there can definitely be too much of a good thing. Kat, a member of the USC ski team, mentioned her team's site in a recent comment and it happens to have a pretty good reminder of just how dangerous deep snow can be. Thanks for the heads up Kat:

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Leary said...

That's an awful experience to go through--for the buried and for the rescuer. Unbelievable determination on the part of the skier who dug him out.

But what it comes down to is being prepared. You've got no business out of bounds without a beacon, shovel, probe, and some snow sense.

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