April 12th, 2010: Trans-Sierra Round Two?

In February, Kevin and I spent five days crossing the Sierras from east to west through Yosemite National Park. It was the longest winter expedition I had taken to date and was incredible. It was a last minute decision, but we pulled it off with minimal planning and ridiculously heavy packs. Today, I woke up in San Francisco with every intention of spending a few days relaxing in the city before driving to the Pacific Northwest to catch up with some friends and get a day or two of skiing along the way. Then I got invited on an 11-day Trans-Sierra High Route adventure that would be departing in two days time. How could I pass that up?

In the evening I met Splitboard Steve, one of the two individuals that I would be joining on the trip. Fittingly, we got to know eachother at REI while he picked up a SPOT GPS Messenger. This is a great safety device that can be used to let people know that you are alright, turning back, or need the helicopters to swarm in. We plan to use this to alert everyone that we are OK, even if we fall behind schedule.

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