April 15th, 2010: Packing Out

In Bishop, CA we spread our wares across the parking lot behind Wilson's Eastside Sports to begin the process of sorting all of our food and group gear. We had to carry enough food to sustain us for eight full days. On day nine we would be meeting a resupply crew at the Pear Lake Ski Hut. A few notes on the food you see above:
  • Target calories/day is around 3600
  • Target food weight is 2 lbs/day
  • That nalgene is full of olive oil, 250 calories/oz
  • Macadamia nuts are 2nd highest calories/oz at 213. And delicious.
  • Green tub is Hawal, a sesame paste with all sorts of value.
  • The magic dinner ingredient is hot water.


k2smith said...

pea-nut. wal-nut. pis-ta-chio-nut. mac-a-damia-nut!

Anonymous said...

Where's the mac and cheese?

Bernard Rocca said...

I shall never camp without mac-a-damia-nuts again. They were great to have along.

As for the Mac & Cheese, it probably didn't have enough bang for the buck (or calories for the ounces). Too bad cause we were craving more queso for many days.

Elena said...

But where are the kibbles??? Dog food has the most favorable calorie:weight ratio of all. Though i suppose it loses some marks for the bulk factor. and, ok fine, also the vomitous, dry taste factor.

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