April 16th, 2010: Day 1, Into The High Sierra

We got an early start from the Onion Valley Campground outside of Independence, CA. The lack of fresh snow combined with cold evening temperatures gave us icy slopes to traverse en route to Kearsarge Pass. Steve regretted not bringing crampons, Yu lost his visor to the wind and a steep slope, and I looked forward to decreasing the weight of my 50 lb. pack with every snack. We all enjoyed the beautiful weather and the impressive peaks that kept popping up on the horizon.

Quickly we moved beyond the Kearsarge Pinnacles and above treeline to set up our first camp in the Vidette Lakes area, below East Vidette Peak. It was clearly quite a warm day and Yu was rocking the convertible pants like it was 1998. Steve and I were jealous as we got hot and sweaty in our black pants/bibs.

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