April 19th, 2010: Day 4, Kaweah Basin

Today was the day we were expecting to get some nasty weather, based on the forecasts when we departed four days earlier. Nothing but blue skies, so we went exploring through the basin. Yu and Steve had there sights set on the left chute off Square Top, but the snow didn't cooperate and we moved on.

Yu took in the view high above the distant tree-covered canyons.

Our final destination was Mt. Kaweah Pass (12.500'), a scouting report for a potential summit shot at Mt. Kaweah (13.802') tomorrow. It was another skin/bootpack combo to the top and we even got some solid turns on the way back down to camp.

The Kaweah Basin is vast and spectacular. From left to right we can see Red Kaweah (13.720'), Black Kaweah (13.680'), the Pyra-Queen Pass that we would be crossing when we move camp, and finally Kaweah Queen (13.382') on the right of the pass.

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