April 20th, 2010: Day 5, Mount Kaweah?

The clouds were looking ominous and Steve's altimeter showed a significant decrease in barometric pressure as we headed up Kaweah Pass in our skin track from the day before. Our turns looked pretty good in the open slopes.

At the pass we almost got blown straight back down the mountain, with gusts somewhere between 50-100 mph (I forgot my anemometer for a more accurate reading). It looked like the storm that we thought had evaporated had actually been delayed. Back to the snow cave.

Back in camp we ate and drank anything hot to keep warm and energized. What's that in the pot? An egg you may think, but no. Remember that olive oil? This is hot chocolate with a dab of olive oil for an extra boost of calories. Hard to mix but tasty nonetheless.

Around 5pm the clouds cleared, the snow stopped, and it looked like we would be blessed with bluebird skies along with 6-9 inches of fresh powder. Yu quickly headed for the skis with skins in hand, but not quite quick enough. The clouds moved back in and stopped us in our tracks before we could get our bluebird turns.

Throughout the day we worked on making our snow shelter as comfortable as possible. We didn't quite get to the home cinema, so we had to make due with an iPhone in the kitchen/dining room/living room above the doorway to the bedroom. Steve was captivated by our film of the evening, Adventureland, which turned out to be rather entertaining even when the wind overpowered the iPhone speakers and we had to improvise the lines.

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