April 3rd, 2010: Lots and Lots of Skiing

We struggled to roll out of bed, but the late start on our sunrise ski paid dividends. We didn't exactly see the sun rise, but we had a great view as the early morning clouds cleared. JonnyB is putting together a documentary on the Ostrander Hutmaster, Howard Weamer, and lugged his camera gear up the bowl to get some fantastic shots of Yosemite.

There were no tracks when we arrived, but we made it our mission to put down as many tracks as possible. Unfortunately, not all of our runs were perfectly spaced between Christmas trees.

Howard was kind enough to join us for a few laps in the afternoon and showed us a few choice lines outside of the main bowl. It was a good thing because the wind was picking up and he knew how to avoid the windswept aspects.

With Howard leading the charge, our numbers grew as we were joined by Team Pink from SoCal. I gotta get me some of them pants.

The day would end just as it had started, with the clouds clearing and the sun painting Yosemite's peaks. Mt. Starr King, and its small copycat domes, consistently held the sun as clouds shaded other areas in the park.

JonnyB, Kevin, and I headed up the front bowl for one more lap before darkness consumed us, making it ten laps, 4000-5000 vertical feet, and a whole lot of fresh lines on the day.


JB said...

Good times! Just a note on Howard. He rips harder with a 50 lb pack than with nothing on his back. We followed him out and he charged as we struggled to keep up. The man is a living legend.

Dad said...

Loved the vistas, but even more the variety of back country types from the mountain legend (Howard) to hot pink pants from LA. Great documentary material!!

JB said...

Someone at work just sent me this:


I'm just saying.

Unknown said...

Well on behalf of Team Pink, we had an amazing day following Howard and you guys around. It was a great trip! ~ Heather a.k.a. Miss Pink

Bernard Rocca said...

Ostrander always brings together a variety of folks in the backcountry, and this trip was no exception. This is part of the great fun of ski huts.

JB, Hawaii sounds like a good option. Let's add it to next year's itinerary.

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