April 4th, 2010: Closing Ostrander Ski Hut

Bags packed, bunks cleared, floors swept, trash packaged for summer time mule-train removal, and Yosemite’s Ostrander Hut was ready to be closed for the season. Dylan, JonnyB, Kevin, and I had another great weekend getting to know Hutmaster Howard, the hut, and local terrain. Talks of next season had begun before Howard could even get the lock on the door. Closing down for the season can be sad, but it’s not so bad when you’ve done it 25 times before and you know you’ll do it again. Howard sure does it right.

Our planned route out was an adventure around Mt. Starr King, past Vernal Falls, and into Yosemite Valley. This would have been an incredible chance to learn more about the Yosemite backcountry with Howard leading us on one of his favorite routes to the valley. Yet the weather was not cooperating and another huge storm on the horizon had us making the usual ski out via Horizon Ridge. Next time.

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Is it next time yet?

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