April 6th, 2010: Let's Play Two

The storm passed but the snow stayed and the skies cleared. There was still plenty of fresh snow, especially since Kirkwood (being Kirkwood) didn't open the backside of the mountain on Monday. Josh and I hiked up to Thimble Peak to get one of the last fresh stashes in the early afternoon.

Two days of snowy roads, deep snow, fun turns, and a few laughs. As far as April storms go, this one was pretty awesome.

The day wasn't done for Josh and I because we decided not to spend another night in the back of his truck. Instead, we met up with Evan and skied across Echo Lake under clear skies. We passed the Echo Chalet along the way, though it was hardly recognizable under a season's worth of snow. We'll be back this summer for some of them fine milkshakes.


Dad said...

First in line for the deep Kirkwood powder-had to be worth spending a night in the car. Loved the video, especially with the snow plow coming right up to your car, clearing the way for deeeeeeeep powder!!! Fitting that you doused your camera lens with some of that powder as you telemarked down the mountain. Sorry to have missed it.

David D.A. Doman said...

Love that beard!!!! Remember who you got that from (me). Great song too (Forever Young), I was just listening to that the other day.

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