April 7th, 2010: WT Club

Misery loves company. Or so they say. Good fun loves company. Or so I say. I'm lucky enough to have a number of good friends who share my lack of employment and fondness of winter adventure, and their company has made my Wednesdays and Thursdays quite fun.

In addition to skiing, the Wednesday/Thursday/(and sometimes Friday) Club likes to take care of a variety of outdoor chores and tasks. Our wood supply was beginning to dwindle so Josh and Evan went to work splitting some logs. Kevin took a break from removing hazardous rooftop cornices to admire their teamwork.

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Ramin said...

I miss snow and hanging out with you kids. One of these winters we'll all shred together. Josh's DTM is filling in quite nicely. Not at nicely as my bigote though - it would do your cabin/snow life justice!

Oh yeah, nice hat Josh!

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