March 25th, 2010: And Cute Kids

So maybe I need to change the subtitle of SnowyPhotos to "Photos of snow-filled, and the occasional snow-less, adventures. And cute kids." Then again, lunch with Vito is always an adventure.

One fun part of exploring different parts of the world is becoming familiar with the gear of choice in different locales. In Switzerland, I was impressed with the abundance and quailty of Salewa. Unfortunately, Salewa isn't sold in the United States. But I was in Milan, a city of shopping if ever there was one!

I headed to Tutto Per Lo Sport to see if I could find anything good. The shop was a tiny little thing with a lot of great gear, but I quickly realized a sad truth about shopping in Europe. Everything is expensive. Even if the dollar was strong, the prices are high. And the dollar is not strong. The double doors into the shop are a good indication of what brands are popular. Which brand has the most stickers?


Amy Royse Brown said...

I think it's Patagonia with 11.

Bernard Rocca said...

Good ol' Patagonia. I agree, but I didn't really pay much attention to the other brands.

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