March 26th, 2010: Real-Life Calculus

Controllo elettronico dell velocita' con sistema Tutor
Electronic speed control with the Tutor system

Today I embarked on a mini-Italian road trip from Milano to Jesi. On the AutoStrade (the major tollways across Italy) I quickly noticed the signs pictured above. What are they? Italy has brilliantly put the Mean Value Thereom to practice. In this case, the MVT implies that if your average speed between two points is 150 km/hr, at some point you had to be going 150 km/hr. 

These signs are spread out along the AutoStrade and take your picture at each point. This information is used to calculate your average speed and determine if you will receive a ticket in the mail. This seems a bit more efficient than having police sitting on the side of the road all day.

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