March 30th, 2010: Three Months Down, Two To Go

My first flight of the day, from Ancona to Munich, didn't depart until 1pm. This meant I had ample time to help Mason prune some olive trees in the Marche countryside. There are a number of reasons to keep your olive trees well pruned, but the bottom line is that you get more olive oil and better olive oil. Believe it or not, I rather enjoy a little yard work now and again.

By 7pm, local time, I was on the BART and heading back to The Mission in San Francisco. Riding the BART with all of my ski gear was a far simpler task than on the Milan metro, but that didn't stop other passengers from continuing to give me funny looks.

I have now been skiing for three months. I have skied in California, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and Switzerland. I'm not sure how many days I have been on skis, but it's been enough to make my knees sore and my body tired. There are two more months in my ski season, let's hope the snow stays fresh and my legs stay under me.

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