Time-Lapse Tuesdays

Over the last few months I have been exploring the possibilities of time-lapse photography. Until now, I had only posted one time-lapse, Flagpole Skies, but made many more. I'm still figuring out the best ways to capture and publish time-lapse footage but won't that slow me down. The video below is a compilation of a few of the time-lapses I captured in the last two months. Expect more time-lapse fun every Tuesday.


la peliroja said...

Love these! All of them...the stars in switzerland and of course the scrabble game in the best place to play. Nice job!

CBR said...

There is something special about your time-lapse photography, like being in the moment, with a smile.

Dad said...

Loved the Tuesday time lapse. Too bad we didn't have time lapse in Torres del Paine at dawn.

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