April 21st, 2010: Day 6, Pyra-Queen Pass

The weather was still hitting us, though not as hard, when we were scheduled to break camp and make our move. The fresh snow was deep (a foot +/-) and the wind was blowing hard, but we successfully pushed up and over Pyra-Queen Pass.

The sun was trying to break through the dense clouds as we moved down into the Nine Lakes Basin.

Sure enough, the sun conquered all clouds as soon camp was set and our cave dug. Just enough time for me to dry out my down bag (rated to 0 degree F) and Yu to get a few turns.

True to form the High Sierra gave us another breathtaking sunset. Our view stretched far over the Central Valley, though all we could see was the tops of the clouds burying the valley. Poor low-landers.

The sun kept the horizon glowing long after Orion and his buddies came out for the night time tour. The clear sky kept camp plenty cold (5 degrees F when we climbed into our bags) but my new down pants kept my warm.

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