April 26th, 2010: Day 11, Show Me The Asphalt!

A solid crew to shut down the Pear Lake Ski Hut. What are the odds that I'd get to shut down both Ostrander and Pear Lake in the same season? Still plenty of snow, but spring was definitely in the air.

Steve was pretty physched to get to the Wolverton Parking Lot. Strangely the trailhead sign didn't indicate the number of miles to the Kearsarge Pass Trailhead via Kaweah Basin, which would likely be 50-60 miles.

Within thirty minutes of getting onto some nice warm pavement, Steve had donned his shorts and flippy-floppies and was ready to get some burgers grilling. Without a grill on hand, we decided to let In-N-Out do the grilling. For Steve: two double-doubles, fries, and a shake. For me: a triple-triple (or is it a 3x3) and fries, both animal style.

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