Blasting Across Lakes and Landmarks

Hard to believe that it's already been two weeks since I completed the High Sierra Traverse with Yu and Steve. Even harder to believe that I managed to put a video together in those two short weeks. I even managed to incorporate a few of the time lapses. Enjoy!


Unknown said...

Bernard, awesome website! I just saw it on your sisters facebook status and thought i would check it out. That was an amazing video! I can't believe you and your friends did that. And did i catch that there was an avalanche in there? crazy. be safe!


Dad said...

The video gives a more complete picture of the agony and the ecstasy of your trip across the ceiling of the Sierras. Very well done!!

Anonymous said...

So white. So cold. So bold. Wow!

Bernard Rocca said...

Cold and bold, that's how we roll! Glad you guys liked it.

And Suzanna, we do our best to stay safe out there. Glad you found your way over, come again!

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