High Sierra Recap

Upon leaving the Pear Lake Ski Hut, I wrote the following in their log book:

28 months ago I arrived at Pear Lake Ski Hut on snowshoes and was hypnotized by the surrounding atmosphere and beautiful backcountry turns that painted the mountain. I vowed to learn more about this thing called "backcountry skiing" and return on two planks.

Yesterday I arrived at Pear Lake Ski Hut on Day 9 in the High Sierra, having traversed numerous passes, experienced the awesomeness of the Kaweah Basin, and continued to learn more about the backcountry. And I was on two planks.

How will I find my way to Pear Lake next time? I can't wait to find out.

-Bernard T. Rocca   4/25/2010

This High Sierra traverse was absolutely remarkable, and without a doubt one of the most burly trips I've ever completed. Finishing at Pear Lake was fitting for me, since I was first exposed to backcountry skiing on a visit for New Years 2008. I had been wanting to make the return trip on skis for some time, but never expected that I would get to do it in such style. What a treat!

View High Sierra Traverse in a larger map

The above map shows our general path of travel. I tried to highlight the major passes and river crossings, but there were more than I really cared to mark. Epic videos will be coming soon...

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