May 10th-11th, 2010: Big Sur

Hiking boots? Rain? Flowers? I was a bit confused as Evan and I started hiking from Big Sur Station. It had been at least six months since I had laced up hiking boots instead of buckling ski boots. Luckily the old right, left, right, left came back to me pretty quickly. Unfortunately so did the fact that rain is far worse than snow.

Most of our ten mile hike along the Pine Ridge Trail would be in the rain and mist. Fair deal if it's going to keep the trees green and the waterfalls raging. Neither of us hadn't really known what to expect of the landscape, but canyons hundreds of feet deep with steep cliff walls wasn't on our radar. It was a most pleasant surprise.

Why would we subject ourselves to a brisk ten mile hike in the rain? Besides the fact that we enjoy that kind of thing, the Sykes Hot Springs awaited us at (or a little beyond) the end of the trail. They weren't the biggest hot springs, and they weren't the hottest, but they were plenty fine for us.

Unlike the rain and clouds of the previous day were gone and we took in beautiful views of the ocean as we drove farther south on US-1 en route to Ventura.


Anonymous said...

how was the water level at the river besides the sykes hot springs?

Bernard Rocca said...

This was my first trip into Big Sur, so basis of comparison here... The river was flowing pretty well. It was about knee deep, or deeper, to get across anywhere and the water was really moving. Wading was the only option to cross, other than a sketchy/bouncy tree that could be tightrope walked for 30-40 feet.

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