May 1st, 2010: The Substitute II

For the second time in as many returns to civilization I was asked to be a last minute substitute in an interesting and fun adventure. This time a former co-worker at Hensel Phelps Construction Co. asked me to step into my running shoes for a 200 mile relay between Napa and Santa Cruz. I hadn't run in five months, but why not?!

The weather cooperated in fine form as we set off through the Napa vineyards. As runner #11 (of 12) my first leg wasn't until 8pm, but the temperature was just about right and I cranked out my 7.1 miles in 52 minutes. Needless to say, my body felt a little confused by it all and my usual pre-ski diet of peanut butter and copious amounts of water did not agree with my stomach.

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