May 22nd, 2010: Telegrams to Tahoe

Mini-golf finished up in the early afternoon. JonnyB and I took a quick trip through Mt. Shasta City's noteworthy outdoor shop, The Fifth Season, where I tried to avoid making any purchases. I failed to show the necessary restraint and went after a pair of awesome Salewa trail runners (I, of course, was going to opt for the lime green), only to learn that they were backordered. Maybe it wasn't meant to be, or maybe I was meant to order them online. I haven't yet decided how I want to read the cosmic signs.

With our wallets intact, we got in our respective Subarus and hit the road: JonnyB the Bay, Backwoods Bnard (a recent nickname acquisition) taking the backroads down to Tahoe. Somewhere between Susanville and Sierraville I found myself admiring long forgotten telegraph poles lining an elevated railway and backlit by a respectable sunset. Not the most adventurous of photos, but I thought I'd share them anyways:

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