May 2nd, 2010: Concrete Legs

Shockingly, my legs could be likened to concrete growing progressively harder with each leg I ran. My second leg was a pleasant 3.7 miles along the Lower Crystal Springs Reservoir just after sunrise on Sunday morning. The overall descent of this leg kept me rolling with a time of 26 minutes.

My third and final leg was brutal. 6.2 miles would have been painful enough at this point, but the sweltering 2pm sun, the 1000 feet of ascent, and the excruciating 500 feet of pounding descent put me squarely in the pain cave for the full 56 minutes. I handed off to our final runner who took us down to the coastal finish zone, which was essentially a parking lot with a banner. Kind of lame.

Our team finished the 200 mile course in 27:23:21 for a pace of about 8:12 per mile, which was good enough for 26th out of 211 teams. Not too shabby. Overall it was a fun race and I was happy to survive.

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