Snowy Countdown: Summer Recap

It's November 14th and the snow is calling. Kirkwood, always optimistic, claims to have 32" of snow in the last week. Wildsnow, always distracting, has posted the occasional powder shot amidst gear reviews. And let us not forget the mouthwatering ski movies that surface this time of year to remind us of what we long for. Like we need reminding.

I'm still a little ways out from the snow, but I'm already stoked for snow and excited to get SnowyPhotos rolling again. Over the next few weeks, I'll be playing some catch up by posting photos from this summer and fall. Though the snow has been scarce, the adventures have been plentiful. To start, a look at a few highlights from my summer at Camp Echo.

Life is tough when this is the view from your office. No really. You try to get some work done at a computer while kids are swimming and waterskiing fifty feet away. Alright, it's not too tough.

Three of the most iconic parts of Camp Echo are the swing, the barge, and the ski boats (ski boats may just be a personal preference...). I love this shot because it captures all three.

Of all my camp shots, this is my favorite. The Mutants were on the move, tuba and all.

Any task that requires federal approval as a pyrotechnic is sure to be a good time. 
Helping set off the Camp Echo 4th of July fireworks show fits the bill.

If you had asked me before I took this photo whether I preferred one big fire or ten small fires, I probably would have said one big fire. Now I'm not so sure.

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