Tough Mudder

Back in October, I made my way to California for the Tough Mudder, an event like none other I have participated in: one part adventure race, one part mud race, two parts craziness, and free (real) tattoos of the race logo at the finish line. The race was being held at Bear Valley Ski Resort (where I happened to take my avy-1 course last January) and was seven miles of running up and down the resort with an obstacle every half mile or so. I joined up with eleven other nuts to form team GoNads, a division of the non-profit Save the Ta-Tas.

(Photo courtesy of Tough Mudder. Sort of. Someone got the thumbnail off their photo site and sent it my way. Thanks!)

The event was neither as tough nor as muddy as I expected, but we had a blast - proving any event otherwise painful or frustrating is best done as a team. It was also a great chance to catch up with some of SnowyPhotos' most frequent skiers (Kevin, Yu, and G-Funk) and meet some folks that will hopefully be featured this winter.


Josh said...

Post Michigan pics! Wooo!

Bernard Rocca said...

Michigan pics posted! Check them out above. Trust me, there will be many more before this season is over. It's pretty country.

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