Wisconsin Mountain Biking

I'm guessing you've already asked yourself, "There are mountains in Wisconsin?" Well, yes and no. No, there are not awe-inspiring landscape-dominating snow-capped make-you-wanna-go-skiing mountains like SnowyPhotos is used to displaying. Yes, there are changes in elevation far greater than what we find in Chicago.

One of my off-season responibilities at work is to facilitate a teen Leaders Club, which plans adventure and service excursions. There was particular enthusiasm for mountain biking, so we loaded up a trailer and headed to Kettle Moraine State Forest, two hours north of Evanston, and spent a gorgeous fall day on the bikes. And sometimes off the bikes.

They are eager to ski, and so am I. Keep an eye out for Leaders Club On Snow in the coming weeks.


Amy Royse Brown said...

Rock on! I can't wait for the ski trip video. :)

Josh said...

Nice nickers. More jumps next time

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