October 13th, 2010: SNOW!

Straight from the Sierras to the Rockies! Conveniently, my West Coast adventure racing was combined with a "business" trip to Estes Park, Colorado to celebrate the 125th anniversary of YMCA camping. There was a bit of chatting, a camp song or two, some keynote addresses (REI CEO Sally Jewell was a definite highlight; she really makes you want to get kids into the outdoors), but surprisingly little outdoor recreating. On the last day, the Camp Echo crew headed for the hills and took in the views, which included my first snow-capped mountains of the fall. Got me a bit excited...

I like bark. It kind of makes me think of Post-It Notes. I like Post-It Notes.

Patches of yellow and mountainsides of white. What more could you ask for? Oh yeah, snow everywhere.

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