January 13th, 2011: Thursday Night Skiing

Yeah, the mountains were actually mountains in California. And, yeah, fresh snow didn't just mean that it was cold enough to make snow. But... I was never able to cut out of the office at 3pm to get some weeknight turns.

I took my time on the first few laps, exploring the web of cat walks and rolling humps that differentiate the runs at Wilmot. As I got colder, it dawned on me that I wasn't warming up because I was barely skiing. Four turns doesn't get the heart pumping. The rest of the evening I competed with a shorty (who was bombing down the mountain sans turns) to see who could complete the most laps.

Wilmot Mountain: 230' feet, a bunch of fake snow, maybe even some fake mountain, two well-cushioned trees, and a few light bulbs.


Anonymous said...

Gotta take what you can get. I say you drive to the Mississippi River and get some first descents. I remember there being some steep, rocky cliffs a few hundred feet high dropping down to the river bank. Pillow lines in the quad cities!

Either way, good work getting after it.


Bernard Rocca said...

You read my mind. I think I'm going to set up a base camp on the banks so I can scope lines. I'll be bootpacking up the cliffs as soon as the big dump rolls in.

I might even practice in the Sheridan Road ravines.


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