January 30th, 2011: Back at it!

As usual, the only thing standing between me and the mountains is a quick blog post or two. In ten minutes I'll be out the door in Evanston en route to Boulder, Colorardo to start five weeks of awesome. I hope to get some great turns and visit a number of the finest parks this country has to offer (Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Yellowstone...), while meeting up with a number of the usual suspects. I'm pumped.

I decided a little refresher of winter 2010 would help set the tone for an incredible trip. As always, enjoy!


missnomarbles said...

here's my plug for idaho...we may not have a lot of snow, but boy oh boy do we have a lot of fun. you're welcome anytime your wanderings bring you this way!

Bernard Rocca said...

Nomes, you don't have to convince me of the fun-factor in Idaho. I can do without snow, as long as birthday parties and baby showers can be guaranteed.

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