February 28th - March 1st, 2011: Glacier National Park

February 28th: Glacier National Park or Bust
"Leaving Missoula, bound for Glacier National Park"

It's a long and windy road from Missoula to Glacier National Park. Some foothills here, foothills there, and some pretty incredible lakes - Flathead Lake, in particular.

Seasonal Special: Flathead Slushies.

Winter camping is free at Glacier, but you have to fight off the picnic crowd.

Going-to-the-Sun Road. Oh really?

March 1st: The Park is My Land

I visited Glacier in September 2005 and was blown away by the strength of the Northern Rockies, with hints of the Canadian Rockies. I would have to settle for pretty trees and rivers on my cross-country ski adventure north of Lake McDonald.

Proper trail etiquette is a must: don't cross tracks and leashes are prohibited.

I would love to time-lapse the freeze-thaw cycle of this little rapid.

I tried to find a sample of what I my time-lapse would look like. 
This is not it at all, but it does have good music.

Big John (or was it Mike?) loves Glacier National Park and hooked me up with a great historical tour as we skied together for an hour or so. He's been coming to Glacier National Park every year for 30+ years. UPS truck drivers get a lot of vacation time.

I didn't take the train, but I kind of wish I had.
Every National Park should be accessible by train.


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What is this snowyphotos you speak of? Glad to see it's back! Ready for some winter stoke.

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Get ready for some winter pump-up posts!

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