April 11th-12th, 2011: Redwoods National Park

April 11th: Big Trees
" 'Walk through the woods with wonder and experience the joy of discovery.' Redwoods, NorCal."

It had been nearly five years since I first visited the Redwood National Park, or the system of state and national parks that seem to operate in unison, as part of a great road trip with a couple cool dudes. I spent my first day jogging through the hills, running through, around, under, and over incredible trees. Trail running is phenomenal and I can think of no better place to do it - running a bit, but mostly marveling at the surrounding beauty.

The trees were awesome today. But watching the sunset over the Pacific really stole the show for me.

April 12th: The Biggest Trees
" 'My favorite trail is whichever I last hiked.' Avenue of the Giants, NorCal."

Park Rangers have it good. "Park People" may have it even better. There is a small gift shop in a little historic building in Redwood National Park. As vague as that sounds, you'll know it when you find it. The kind lady in the store shared the above insight when I asked her the obvious question of which trails she recommended. I too find this adage to be true more often than not. I happened to like today's trail even better than yesterday's, which didn't seem possible at the time.

The Dyerville Giant stood nearly 370 feet before it fell in 1991. Now it is home to all sorts of other rain forest life.

A rare bit of non-green color in the coastal rain forests.

Every once and a while it's healthy to let a Subaru run off-leash, play in the sand, and get a little mud on its face. Gravel river beds are also appreciated. 

Admittedly, the ski racks look a bit empty... time to find the Sierras.

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