April 5th-8th, 2011: Northwest, Rd. 2

April 5th:
"Purple Line Express with two sets of skis and an ice axe. Back at it."

I'm all for traveling light, but I also like to be prepared for anything. So...

April 6th:
"I found my skis, but seem to have lost my ski legs. They weren't at Steven's Pass, but I'll find them soon."

Back in Seattle, it took no time at all to find my way to the mountains. A little hiking on the backside of Steven's rewarded us well, and Leary shredded it.

Pat is approximately 79" and rocks the skinniest skis west of the Mississippi. 
And this was his first season on the slopes. Pat makes the Midwest proud.

April 8th: UW Cherry Blossoms

What's with all the Midwesterners in the Pacific Northwest? I had some great off-mountain time with old friends throughout the Seattle area.

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