March 8th-12th, 2011: New York!

March 8th-10th: Camp Chingachgook

The Pacific Northwest was grand, but 2011 Winter Fun Round #1 came to a close and I was back to work. First order of business? Fly directly to Albany, New York and head north for the North American Camping Food Services Conference. Skis came with, and I hoped for snow.

The East Coast loves putting ice on everything. I don't get it.

All work at Chingachgook. Starting with making Sweet Sushi with Rice Krispie Treat as the base.

"It's snowing. Lake George, NY."
"Snow has turned to rain in upstate New York. Scratch the skiing, I'm hitting NYC."

March 11th-12th: New York City. Brooklyn. Hip.

I've never been one to miss an opportunity to combine trips. A work trip to upstate New York pairs quite well with a visit to New York City to pay Mr. Plotkin and his cast of characters a visit. Good food and good drink were the order of the weekend, but a Brooklyn bike tour was the real highlight.

"Brooklyn bike tour stop #1: Poutine and Labatt."

Mr. Plotkin sells the Houdini for it's versatility on Manhattan and Brooklyn bike tours. 
He made it look so good I went out and got one too.

That cruiser had quite the ample seat.

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