April 16th-17th, 2011: Spring Skiing!

April 16th: Digging In
From the coast of NorCal, I headed back down to the Bay for a quick stop and said hello to a few familiar folks before heading back up for turns at... Echo Lake. The snow reports for the Sierras were reporting record snowfall, so it wasn't too surprising that we could walk directly onto the deck. In the summer it's about 12-15 feet down...
Door. Yes, there is a door in there somewhere. Evan will find it.

April 17th: Skiing. Not Stressing.
"Spring spectacular at Echo Lake, skiing in shorts and sticky snow. If only there more weekends like it."
Evan is happy. Blue skies and a little sunshine in the backcountry has that affect.

See, Kate is happy too. Sky, sun, skiing. The three Ss.

Hmmm... Not sure how these clouds got here.

Not really sure how Josh got here either.

Robinson Run all the way to Middle o' Lake.

Spring air and a bit of sun puddled up Echo by the late afternoon.

Can't quite recall why this was such a short trip to Echo, but I believe it had something to do with people's "work" schedules and the inevitability of Monday. A short trip it may have been, but it was great to get back to the start of it all.


JB said...

Snowy photos is alive! Can't wait to revive the blogs in the next few weeks. Ice cold in cali but know precip. Let it storm!

Bernard Rocca said...

It's ALIVE! Get ready for the last six months of SnowyPhotos in the next two weeks... I gotta get after it.

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