April 30th, 2011: Camp Echo Spring Work Weekend

"Deer by the dozen, wild turkeys, and a lone porcupine on the morning run. Great to be back.@YMCACampEcho."

The drive from SF to Evanston was a warp-speed mission: 34 hours of driving in 42 hours, or thereabouts (it's been a while). Six hours of sleep in a Nevada motel, three hours of sleep in my car at a Nebraska gas station. What's the hurry? Gotta get to Camp Echo Work Weekend to get the summer wheels rolling. Amidst the work, I did squeeze in a trail run that happened to feature the first porcupine sighting of my many years on camp.

 "...But what have you done for the kids?" No, really. What have you done?

Old red tractor. Old red cabin. 

I shovel snow in the winter. I shovel compost in the summer. Great cross-training.

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