September 10th, 2011: 9-10-11-Wedding

No better way to wrap a long Michigan summer than a Lake Michigan wedding. Kindly, Ev and Kate obliged with a post-Labor Day wedding on the shores of the great Midwest oasis. It was a pretty festive occasion, as tends to be the case when 40 or so Echo kids re-unite to celebrate.

Step #1: Warm up the legs with a little bicycling.

Step #2: Fuel up with chicken sandwiches from the rehearsal dinner.

Step #3: Look sharp. Document.

Step #4: Get the bride to laugh. Even if she's laughing at you.

Step #5: Supercharge for the long night ahead. Party like a Rockstar!

Step #6: Find a bunch of high school friends and take a great picture.

Step #7: Hmmm... Turn out the lights?

I probably failed to document one or two key steps in the whole "getting married" process, but these were some of the steps that made for a most memorable day. It really was pretty great to see so many great friends from way back, not so long ago, and now come together to celebrate two great friends. 

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