September 17th, 2011: Michigan Adventures

No. I did not spend the weekend at Michigan Adventure, the amusement park of choice (though they don't really have one) of Echo layover campers for the last umpteen years. Instead, Meredith and I spent the weekend exploring some of the great adventure opportunities that sit in our backyard all summer, waiting for us to spring free of our 24/7 obligations. First stop, Pine River...

Skis. Bikes. Canoe! Quantity trumped quality on the tie-down.
Oh! Forest Green. I get it!

It was a long day on the river, with a few unexpected dips in the drink at inopportune times. Somewhere there is video footage - check back for the montage. 10 hours and 16 miles (give or take) later, we made it to the pull out and headed back to camp to prepare for...

Mt. Boyne. Land of sleeping snow-making machines.

And zip-line adventures. I was attempting to drop a bean bag in a bucket. F = ma. Didn't work.

Perfect sitting-in-a-chair form.

Michigan is pretty fun in the summer and fall, especially when you get out and about to take in the adventure. I look forward to a little more adventure during Summer 2012.

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