October 4th - 12th, 2011: Georgian Bay Sea Kayaking

I work for a summer camp with extensive adventure trip offerings. I attended the camp but never participated in the adventure trips. Better late than never... The Georgian Bay Sea Kayaking trip is one of the most popular trips we offer, so I decided to check it off my list. Late October on Lake Huron gave me a bit of a chilly feeling before the trip, but Meredith and I were blessed with eight days of sunshine and beautiful weather. Couldn't have asked for a better introduction to backcountry sea-kayaking adventures.

I took too many pictures and videos to count. For now, a few favorites.

Islands, islands, everywhere. Find flat, pitch tent.
Inner-Island Calm
Are those mountains?!?
High ground provided a fresh perspective.
Paddling into port for the night.
Ready for take-off.
Natural Yellow
Driftwood. Ancient lumber.
Flat. Very flat.
Very very flat.
Shallow Space
As good as it gets.
When up is down and down is up.
Evening Commute

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