March 17th, 2012: Devil's Lake

There are adventures in the midwest. In the outdoors no less. Sure, they aren't the biggest mountains, but they are the greatest lakes. Andrew and I, both missing our snowy adventures of yesteryear, headed to Devil's Lake State Park in Wisconsin to enjoy the incredible warm spring weather. Andrew knows more than his fair share about climbing, so that was the chosen sport for St. Patty's Day. I don't know much about climbing, but really enjoyed the routes and was happy to be able to dust off the harness and shoes I bought some years ago in the hopes of using them more than I have.

Andrew preparing the rocks to be dominated. 
So much green for St. Patty
We camped the night at a nearby campground and then went for an awesome road ride on our two-wheelers on Sunday. The wind was a bit brisk, but the countryside was beautiful and we even discovered a free ferry across Lake Wisconsin in the town of Merrimac. It was near the end of our ride so we didn't take a ride, but I plan on taking advantage of that ferry sometime soon.

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